Step for rent

Please send your condition.
Please get apartment search form
by mail from following site.
Apartment searach form request

Please note
Currently, our business area is mainly
Shinagawa-city, and
Kinshicho and around area.

SHEET we mailed and
choose apartments you want to view.

Booking the day for viewing apartement(s).
Normally, we meet at the nearest station
of the apartment.
You do not need to drop by our office.

Viewing apartment(s)
We recommend to check how much
getting sunshine, atmosphere around
the apartment, and the time required to
your company or school from
the apartment.

Please tell us your impression of apartment(s).
If you do not like, we will search again.
If you like to rent, we make an application for the apartment.

You could ask your requests such as
the day of starting to live the apartment.

In the application procedures,
1.You need to show Residence card
issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2.You have already worked at company
or been in school in Japan.
It is available you have offer
of the working company
or admission of the school.
3.You must have a Japanese emergency
contact person.

You could ask your working company
to rent the apartment for you.
In this case, the name of tenant is
the company and the name of resident
is you.

After the landlord checked your application form, the landlord decide
you to rent or not.
After passed, we will
check total amount of the initial cost.
2.check the draft of agreement
in advance.
It is few that we could have
the agreement written in English.
In that case, we will inform you
important condition and points (rules) in English.

The agreement is one that
you confirm the condition for rent.
Also you have a guidance of the apartment
such as how to sort and dispose of garbage, the place to park your bycycle and so on.

If you already have furniture,
you need to call moving company and
ask the moving charge.
We would help to call the moving company.
Before moving, you need to
1. call the realtor of current appartment
for terminating the lease contract.
2. set change of address at city office
both current and new.
3. set change of address at post office
for transfer.
4. call cable TV company and internet
service company for terminating
the service.