Difficult to find apartment for rent?
Q1. Why the landlords are not willing to
lend apartements to foreigners?

Most of landlords think they would
like to lend to foreigners.
However, they are not active to do that,
because they do not have enough
inforamation of foreigners' life style.
They worry about that
they could not solve problems in case they face.
Q2. Why the realestate agents are not
cooperative to foreigners?

Most of them are not active,
because they could not communicate and make documents in English.
Also they think it is diffcult foreigners
to understand Japanese rules and
customs as KEY MONEY and
AGENT FEE of rent apartements.
Q3. What HOUSING I can do for finding apartments?

1. Over 20 years, we have worked on rent
for apartment.
2. We have also worked as property
(apartment) management company.
3. We could handle English.
4. We could avoid risks for rent as
bad apartment, bad management company,
bad condition for rent and so on.
5. Friendly commission fee.
Our commission fee is 70% of 1month rent
(maximum). Normally, real estate agent
charges you 100% of 1 month rent as
commission fee.